How to Build a Government Part 3: How to Organize a Legal Society

October 20, 2021
The most common refrain when discussing anything in America is “That is my right!”. Even the most un-involved person, politically speaking, has uttered the phrase several times in their life. However, you’ll often hear those same people ask “What gives them the right” when speaking about others. The sad truth is, we often want rights that benefit us, and want to remove rights that we personally don’t find useful. Free speech is all well and good until a racial slur is used. Innocent until proven guilty is a pillar of justice…until the officer is not guilty and the riots start. We want food, shelter, and healthcare to be rights, until we see the tax hikes. What’s clear is that there is a question America is not asking, and that is our question of the show today

Question of the show: Where do rights come from?

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